Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Matrimony

So this post is mainly so I can remember this conversation to tease my kids with later, but maybe you'll get a kick out of it, too.

Tonight the kids and I were out Boo-ing (leaving anonymous Halloween treats for friends), and in the car, we were chatting.  Well, somehow the conversation turned to the fact that Addison wants to marry Pearson's friend Jake.  This is something she mentions often, but keeps secret outside of our family.  I asked her if she'd told him, and she scoffed, "No, Mom!  I can't tell him that until I'm old enough!  I'll tell him when I'm a grown up."  I asked her how she planned to tell him.  She said she would put it in a note so she didn't have to tell him to his face.  Pearson pragmatically agreed with this approach, saying, "Yeah that would be embarrassing!"

So I asked what she'd put in the note.  She said, "I'll just say, Dear Jakey.  May you... Could you get married to me?  Love, Addison"  Pearson was concerned his mom may laugh at it.

Pearson sat silent for a minute or two and then said, "I know who I wanna marry.  I wanna marry Aleece.  She goes to our church and I know her.  And she's pretty.  And she's always ALWAYS good in Primary.  I'm mostly good but I've been bad in Primary, too."   (Good to know they both have their lives planned out...)

I asked. "What if Aleece thinks 'Oh, I only want a boy who is good in Primary like I am!'"  He again pondered silently.  "I'll be good in Primary now," came the earnest reply.  Ha!  I'm shocked that this is a motivator at this early age, but hey.  I'll take it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goodbye, tooth!

Addison hit a milestone today! First tooth lost! She was very brave and she is very proud of her new gap! Yay, Addison!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I had a baby.

So. We had a baby 2 weeks ago. She is perfection in every way. I am going to try (*try*) to update our family blog so that we can share a little of what's going on with us!

Here's the birth story if you're interested, or just skip down to the pictures!

Emerson Anne Morris was born August 15, 2011 at 2:07pm. She weighed 6lb 13oz, was 20 inches long, and has two giant dimples. I was scheduled to be induced on the 18th, a Thursday, and on Monday was having pretty painful contractions. I was determined to have the baby a little earlier, so I went to the hospital. Although my contractions were fairly intense and frequent, they weren't very regular. Luckily, they decided to keep me, and broke my water right before noon.

They asked me right away if I wanted an epidural, and not knowing what lay ahead and thinking I had hours of labor to go, I said I'd like to wait and see if I could handle it on my own. Well, apparently the water breaking was all my body needed to kick into high gear because my contractions started to get REALLY intense. I was breathing through them, but couldn't talk (or be talked to) when I was having one. I started to really worry that if they were that painful that early, I was in for a world of hurt and it would quickly be too late for the epidural. So I changed course and asked for the epidural around 1 o'clock.

Well, of course, all of the anesthesiologists were busy and couldn't come right away, and by now my contractions were KILLING me and right on top of each other. I just knew that I had waited too long and it was going to be too late by the time one got there. I was begging, literally crying begging, for anything, ANYTHING, to help the pain. The anesthesiologist got there and thought he was funny making jokes while I was dying, and at that point, NOTHING WAS FUNNY. Ugh. I may have called him a swearword.

Even after the epidural was in, it didn't kick in right away, which upset me even more. I thought it was instantaneous, and it's so not. I think I was an 8 when they got it in and it was less than 30 minutes from getting it in and Emerson being here, and if I had to guess only 10 or 15 of those 30 minutes was the stupid thing working. And I was so not graceful with the pain. I was screaming and acting a fool. I was so embarrassed after. But honestly, I've never even conceived of pain like that. It all happened so fast, it was really hard to process. I was dumbfounded when they handed her to me.

But of course it was more than worth it in the end. She is perfect, and I haven't had any complications or much pain at all after the delivery. So far she's been a way easy baby. She eats and sleeps and poos, and even in the night she just wakes up to eat and then goes back to sleep. We couldn't be happier, or more blessed. Seriously, every time I have a baby, I just want 10 more babies!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mango, you vile poison!

Every once in a while, I get this rash on my lips.  Maybe once or twice a year.  It's tiny, tiny little bumps and redness (both hard to see because of where it is) on my lips that get really itchy.  I thought it might be an allergy, but it seemed so random and far apart that I'd never found correlations.  Oh, and the best part is that my lips get all swollen, too.  *sarcasm*  Most people might dream of a way to double the size of their lips without surgery... But, have you met me?  Swollen lips are not doing ME any favors.  Essentially, it takes my least favorite feature, that are already too big, and makes them HUGER and REDDER!  Uuuuuugh.  (And please no lip compliments.  I know everyone wants full lips, but I really don't like mine.)

Anyway, like I said, this has happened for years and I just deal with it and then it goes away.  Well I got one earlier this week, and did some Googling.   Of course, most results deal with rashes that are MUCH more severe (read: disgusting) than this.  Seriously, don't Google "lip rash" unless you want to see some nasty.  But then I stumbled on post where someone described a seemingly identical rash, and one of the responses contained these little words:
 I have the same rash on my lips. I get it when I eat mango. 

Get the crap OUT!  Look what's on my counter:
Started with 8.  Now there are 4.  I ate 3 of them.  Oops!

I just bought mango for the first time in FOREVER a couple days before I got this rash!!  More googling led me to this blog post, where someone else had the same epiphany.

Yeah, so, after 30 seconds of research, I consider myself an expert and have self-diagnosed myself with a mild mango allergy.  I have discovered that mango trees are related to poison ivy (or something like that) and the chemical that causes a reaction to poison ivy is also present in mango sap (I think it's the sap), which is on (or maybe in?) the skin.  Apparently, you can eliminate most of the allergens by washing the skin with soap and water before you cut into it, but some people with major allergies will still react to it.

So now the question is... will I stop eating the delicious mango, or continue risking this obnoxious disfigurement?  That's a tough call...

Thursday, April 8, 2010




And after:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Homemade Easter Shirts

Ok, I know what you're this a craft blog now? I never post, and when I do, it's to show something I made. Whatever, I like makin' stuff, and (at least for the time being), the kids LOVE wearing stuff I make!

Here's the shirt I made for Pearson, which I copied off this Flickr photo. I did it using freezer paper, there's a good tutorial for that here.

Addison's is appliqued and then machine stitched on, and is a copy of a shirt I saw here.

So here they both are, but...

They're even cuter on some adorable kids:
This is them trying, unsuccessfully, to high five:

Until the next time I make something I love, adieu.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My favorite thing I ever made!

Well, right now anyway…

Saw a fab tutorial here for making a messenger bag out of a pair of cargo pants.  The next day, I was at Goodwill, finding some cargo pants!

It was pretty easy, and I looooooove how it turned out!  This one is for Addison, clearly, but I also have one planned for Pearson.  I’m thinking these can either be their library bags, or maybe their church bags.  We’ll see! 

Bag1Bag3  Bag2

And, yes, I’m totally on a sewing kick.  Can’t wait to show you what I have planned for Addison’s Valentine’s dress! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Quotes

"They have good food here."
- Addison, in the middle of church, in reference to Sacrament (bread and water, for crying out loud!).

"They eat sushi in China.  With forkchops."
- Pearson, during a discussion about how people do eat raw meat, which was spurred by his comment that he hates things that eat animals... to which we responded that people eat animals... to which he responded that people only eat COOKED animals... to which we responded that no, people eat raw animals sometimes, too.  He was watching March of the Penguins at the time.  And yes, we corrected him on the China/sushi thing.  But not on the forkchops thing.  Because I think it's precious.

(Also, how sad is it that it takes a picture on my blog for me to notice that my son desperately needs a haircut...)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Escuela en la casa

No, we’re not doing Spanish yet… But if anyone wants to buy us some Rosetta Stone, we can try it!  Ha!  If anyone’s interested, here’s some of the home school stuff we actually have been doing:

Letter writing is a favorite.  It’s good practice for penmanship, spelling, and sentence structure.  But more than writing them, getting their own envelopes in the mail with their very own names on them!  IMG_0721

A favorite of MINE is the Story of the World.  It’s the history of the world, told in way small children can understand.  We started with nomads, but we’ve gotten to the point of them learning to grow crops and tend animals.  It’s surprisingly good.


A favorite for phonics are letter tiles.  I saw these on a homeschool blog and it’s been one of my best purchases.  The kids love them and they can be used in so many ways.  For instance, our favorite game is me giving the kids the letters of a word and having them put them in the correct order.  Addison’s would be 3 or 4 letters, and Pearson’s would have tricks in them like ‘ph’ or ‘ough’.


I’ll be honest: math has been the hardest for me to understand HOW to teach.  Manipulatives help.  Like these linking cubes.  Used for patterns and simple addition for Addison, and used for carrying and multiplication for Pearson.


Jerad and I went to a used book store to look for homeschooling books, and found a couple gems.  Like this child’s science text book.  It’s simple enough that Pearson can read it on his own, and includes lots of basic science information.  


Overall, still LOVING the homeschool thing.  Our biggest challenge has been, and even I’m shocked by this, finding time for it!  It’s so easy to get side tracked by other things, from visitors coming over, to play dates, to errands that need to be done, etc. etc. etc.  I’ve alternated between happiness with a casual schedule and panic that we need something more regimented.   It’s especially hard because I have other things begging for my time as well: the house, my consulting gig, my CASA stuff, church calling and activities, and trying keep both my children and myself “socialized.” 

When I left my job, I thought I would have time coming out of my ears!  Time for sewing, time for reading, time for my BLOG and projects long neglected, all on top of my other responsibilities.  All I can say now is… HA HA! 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Homeschool: Day 1; and other stuff...

Well, we started our homeschooling today.  A LOT of things went wrong.  It could have been a really, really awful day.  But somehow, it wasn't.

It started here:

9:30 AM: Kids bundled up to go out in 20 degree weather (which, with no sunshine and wind felt more like 5 degrees, but whatever).  We were headed to the library.  We've (I've?) decided to take a more casual approach to their curriculum, at least this semester.  Our main objective will be a project-based approach similiar to Reggio-Emilia, which I've talked about here before.  Very child-led, very natural learning.

Most books I've read did not recommend any formal curriculum for Kindergarten at all, although it's available.  We plan to focus most of our time and energy on our projects, the kids each picked one to start with, but I am supplementing with some phonics, math, and light history and science.

SO, we'd planned on getting out the door by 9, but our discussion of what we were going to find out at the library, and why we were going, and how we were going to accomplish it took longer than I thought.  No problem.  Here we are, ready to head out the door:

Well... turns out... the library doesn't open until 10.  D'oh!  Oh, and um, it's not opening AT ALL because they don't have heat today... which, of course, we didn't figure out until we'd sat in the parking lot for a half an hour waiting for it to open...

No problem, we say.  We'll go home and work on phonics (or "Language Arts" as Pearson likes to call it)!  We do, and it all went swimmingly, if I do say so myself.  We moved on and did a little art afterward.  Before long it was lunch, then reading time, then quiet time, and then time to get Gillie from school (we're picking her up from her school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and she and her baby brother will be with us all day Tuesday and Thursday).  So we clean up a bit and get ourselves all bundled up again.  But wait!  Where are my keys!?  After what felt like an hour (actual time: 3 minutes), we discover them here:

D'oh!  Not shocking, really.  Ask Jerad.  (Wait... don't... it infuriates him...)  The most surprising part was that it took me so long to look there.  Anyway... We're off!  And that all went great... except...

Well, you don't belong on the kitchen table, Side-View-Mirror.  You belong on the passenger side of my truck!    Yeah, I hit a mailbox.  But I firmly maintain that the tiny (miniscule!) force with which I hit the mailbox could not POSSIBLY have caused the mirror to hurl itself from its perch had it not been for Jerad's recent incident pulling out of our driveway.  I won't embarrass him by detailing his very nearly pulling the same mirror off by being a couple inches too far right to clear the carport post, and I certainly won't tell you that he probably unknowingly cracked the connecting piece between the mirror and the truck before I yelled for him to stop and that pointed out that he was about to rip it off.  No, I won't do that.  Suffice it to say that I have a possible explanation that would take most of the blame and some of the shame off my own shoulders, but that I'm far too gracious to conjecture like that.  :)

All the mishaps aside, I had a wonderful day.  I think I mentioned that I've been kind of panicking since our plan had started into motion, but all that was totally gone from my mind and heart today.  I loved every minute of it, and felt so lucky to be a part of their education in such a way.  Granted, this was only day one, and we have a LOOOOOONG way to go, but today, I felt totally at peace with my decision and that was more than I could have hoped for.


In other, unrelated news, here are my favorite things I gave as gifts for Christmas.  Given how long this post is getting, I'll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves.

Handmade Christmas gifts for Addison and Gillian:

Assorted cookies, baked with Nikki for family members:

Packaged with care:

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!  I know I did!

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