Thursday, January 28, 2010

Escuela en la casa

No, we’re not doing Spanish yet… But if anyone wants to buy us some Rosetta Stone, we can try it!  Ha!  If anyone’s interested, here’s some of the home school stuff we actually have been doing:

Letter writing is a favorite.  It’s good practice for penmanship, spelling, and sentence structure.  But more than writing them, getting their own envelopes in the mail with their very own names on them!  IMG_0721

A favorite of MINE is the Story of the World.  It’s the history of the world, told in way small children can understand.  We started with nomads, but we’ve gotten to the point of them learning to grow crops and tend animals.  It’s surprisingly good.


A favorite for phonics are letter tiles.  I saw these on a homeschool blog and it’s been one of my best purchases.  The kids love them and they can be used in so many ways.  For instance, our favorite game is me giving the kids the letters of a word and having them put them in the correct order.  Addison’s would be 3 or 4 letters, and Pearson’s would have tricks in them like ‘ph’ or ‘ough’.


I’ll be honest: math has been the hardest for me to understand HOW to teach.  Manipulatives help.  Like these linking cubes.  Used for patterns and simple addition for Addison, and used for carrying and multiplication for Pearson.


Jerad and I went to a used book store to look for homeschooling books, and found a couple gems.  Like this child’s science text book.  It’s simple enough that Pearson can read it on his own, and includes lots of basic science information.  


Overall, still LOVING the homeschool thing.  Our biggest challenge has been, and even I’m shocked by this, finding time for it!  It’s so easy to get side tracked by other things, from visitors coming over, to play dates, to errands that need to be done, etc. etc. etc.  I’ve alternated between happiness with a casual schedule and panic that we need something more regimented.   It’s especially hard because I have other things begging for my time as well: the house, my consulting gig, my CASA stuff, church calling and activities, and trying keep both my children and myself “socialized.” 

When I left my job, I thought I would have time coming out of my ears!  Time for sewing, time for reading, time for my BLOG and projects long neglected, all on top of my other responsibilities.  All I can say now is… HA HA! 


  1. Hey Shereice, this is your mom's cousin Anaise--I'm Judy's daughter. My sisters and I all homeschool. I have to say that I have the exact same problems you have with homeschooling; loving being relaxed, but panicking nonetheless over how time gets away and whether you ought to set a "school-at-home" schedule and stick to it. I recently tried setting a more regimented schedule than usual and had it fall apart because I still have a toddler and a baby! I don't know what I was thinking! We have some die-hard schedules that are NOT to be interrupted like morning devotional during breakfast and chore time (I call it Independent Living Skills) and evening reading, but other than that we like to seize the day--read history when it's cold and miserable, do a science experiment if the baby takes a really long nap, play outdoors for hours if we have an unusually nice day. I don't know that our lifestyle will turn out any Rhodes Scholars, and I'm filled with doubts quite often, but we're (mostly) happy.

    And there's never enough time. :)

  2. Sounds like you're doing great with homeschooling! I'm beyond impressed with your children's academic skills--waayy ahead of their age group (of course, I'm sure you already knew that!). Way to go!


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