Monday, January 4, 2010

Homeschool: Day 1; and other stuff...

Well, we started our homeschooling today.  A LOT of things went wrong.  It could have been a really, really awful day.  But somehow, it wasn't.

It started here:

9:30 AM: Kids bundled up to go out in 20 degree weather (which, with no sunshine and wind felt more like 5 degrees, but whatever).  We were headed to the library.  We've (I've?) decided to take a more casual approach to their curriculum, at least this semester.  Our main objective will be a project-based approach similiar to Reggio-Emilia, which I've talked about here before.  Very child-led, very natural learning.

Most books I've read did not recommend any formal curriculum for Kindergarten at all, although it's available.  We plan to focus most of our time and energy on our projects, the kids each picked one to start with, but I am supplementing with some phonics, math, and light history and science.

SO, we'd planned on getting out the door by 9, but our discussion of what we were going to find out at the library, and why we were going, and how we were going to accomplish it took longer than I thought.  No problem.  Here we are, ready to head out the door:

Well... turns out... the library doesn't open until 10.  D'oh!  Oh, and um, it's not opening AT ALL because they don't have heat today... which, of course, we didn't figure out until we'd sat in the parking lot for a half an hour waiting for it to open...

No problem, we say.  We'll go home and work on phonics (or "Language Arts" as Pearson likes to call it)!  We do, and it all went swimmingly, if I do say so myself.  We moved on and did a little art afterward.  Before long it was lunch, then reading time, then quiet time, and then time to get Gillie from school (we're picking her up from her school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and she and her baby brother will be with us all day Tuesday and Thursday).  So we clean up a bit and get ourselves all bundled up again.  But wait!  Where are my keys!?  After what felt like an hour (actual time: 3 minutes), we discover them here:

D'oh!  Not shocking, really.  Ask Jerad.  (Wait... don't... it infuriates him...)  The most surprising part was that it took me so long to look there.  Anyway... We're off!  And that all went great... except...

Well, you don't belong on the kitchen table, Side-View-Mirror.  You belong on the passenger side of my truck!    Yeah, I hit a mailbox.  But I firmly maintain that the tiny (miniscule!) force with which I hit the mailbox could not POSSIBLY have caused the mirror to hurl itself from its perch had it not been for Jerad's recent incident pulling out of our driveway.  I won't embarrass him by detailing his very nearly pulling the same mirror off by being a couple inches too far right to clear the carport post, and I certainly won't tell you that he probably unknowingly cracked the connecting piece between the mirror and the truck before I yelled for him to stop and that pointed out that he was about to rip it off.  No, I won't do that.  Suffice it to say that I have a possible explanation that would take most of the blame and some of the shame off my own shoulders, but that I'm far too gracious to conjecture like that.  :)

All the mishaps aside, I had a wonderful day.  I think I mentioned that I've been kind of panicking since our plan had started into motion, but all that was totally gone from my mind and heart today.  I loved every minute of it, and felt so lucky to be a part of their education in such a way.  Granted, this was only day one, and we have a LOOOOOONG way to go, but today, I felt totally at peace with my decision and that was more than I could have hoped for.


In other, unrelated news, here are my favorite things I gave as gifts for Christmas.  Given how long this post is getting, I'll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves.

Handmade Christmas gifts for Addison and Gillian:

Assorted cookies, baked with Nikki for family members:

Packaged with care:

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!  I know I did!


  1. Love it! I love the project-based approach, especially, as you said for kindergarten. Home schooling can be such an benefit for children when their parents put the time and effort into it as you are! Good for you! I'm cheering you on!

  2. Yay, you overcame a few obstacles and had a great day. Good for you!
    The cookies were delicious BTW, THANKS!

  3. The cookies were evil.

    Your kids are lucky.

    I miss you guys.


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