Friday, February 5, 2010

My favorite thing I ever made!

Well, right now anyway…

Saw a fab tutorial here for making a messenger bag out of a pair of cargo pants.  The next day, I was at Goodwill, finding some cargo pants!

It was pretty easy, and I looooooove how it turned out!  This one is for Addison, clearly, but I also have one planned for Pearson.  I’m thinking these can either be their library bags, or maybe their church bags.  We’ll see! 

Bag1Bag3  Bag2

And, yes, I’m totally on a sewing kick.  Can’t wait to show you what I have planned for Addison’s Valentine’s dress! 


  1. Wow! That is so cute! I love the olive green contrasting with the pink print, great job.

  2. That is very cute!

  3. Fabulous Sheriece!! I also want to thank you for putting the sewing bug into Brooke and Cara's thoughts. Well actually, Brooke knows how to sew, but Cara has never shown much interst in it until you started show us your cute projects. Thank you!!!! What sewing machine do you have and do you like it. Just checking out some for the girls and was wondering.

  4. You are amazing!

  5. Love this! You've got mad sewing skills!

  6. are you joking me!?!?! you need to make me one!!!! k.. you don't have to.. but i'm willing to do an art swap with you! need any art? k... let me know.

  7. Cool version of Anna's bag!

    Sorry you're having probs with the Shirt Dress. If I had more time I could create a pattern. Too swamped right now. Try using something that your daughter owns, a shirt or a dress she has and use that as a guide while you create your pattern to make sure the dimensions aren't too small.

  8. So I just found your blog. I love that bag! It turned out so cute. I'm sure Addison loves it.
    The offical sewing school is still in the works. I'll be posting more about it when I get it going for 'real'.
    We did decide to switch and we're doing the gdiapers. So far, so good.


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