Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Quotes

"They have good food here."
- Addison, in the middle of church, in reference to Sacrament (bread and water, for crying out loud!).

"They eat sushi in China.  With forkchops."
- Pearson, during a discussion about how people do eat raw meat, which was spurred by his comment that he hates things that eat animals... to which we responded that people eat animals... to which he responded that people only eat COOKED animals... to which we responded that no, people eat raw animals sometimes, too.  He was watching March of the Penguins at the time.  And yes, we corrected him on the China/sushi thing.  But not on the forkchops thing.  Because I think it's precious.

(Also, how sad is it that it takes a picture on my blog for me to notice that my son desperately needs a haircut...)


  1. Honestly that comment by Addison had me roaring with laughter! So stinkin cute! Love hearing about what they are up to!

  2. Cute, cute, cute!


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