Saturday, April 3, 2010

Homemade Easter Shirts

Ok, I know what you're this a craft blog now? I never post, and when I do, it's to show something I made. Whatever, I like makin' stuff, and (at least for the time being), the kids LOVE wearing stuff I make!

Here's the shirt I made for Pearson, which I copied off this Flickr photo. I did it using freezer paper, there's a good tutorial for that here.

Addison's is appliqued and then machine stitched on, and is a copy of a shirt I saw here.

So here they both are, but...

They're even cuter on some adorable kids:
This is them trying, unsuccessfully, to high five:

Until the next time I make something I love, adieu.


  1. so I am stalking you found your blog from facebook...Absloutley love those shirts and I am pretty sure that your kids are too adorable!

  2. i love your youngin's. they make me want MORE youngin's... which is a problem... since i'm poor. also.. i love your creativity. these shirts ROCK.

  3. My kids would so love those! They look great!

    Happy Easter.

  4. Fun! You are too creative!


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